Structural Steel Fabrication

Kessab Steel LLC is proud to serve as a steel fabrication partner on projects large and small, lo...
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Precast Molds

Kessab Steel LLC is innovative company serving the needs of the precast concrete industry. We hav...
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Sheet Metal Fabrication

At Kessab Steel LLC we fabricate sheet metal parts to your precise specifications. You can depend...
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Cable Caring Systems

Kessab Steel LLC is one of the leading suppliers of Cable Care Systems in the UAE & Region. K...
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CNC Bending and Shearing

With multiple press breaks and guillotine shearing machines in our inventory, ranging from 1.5 to...
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CNC Turret Punching

With the latest turret punching technology, and because of our 3 operating machines capacity, Kes...
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CNC Laser Cutting

Kessab Steel offers superior laser cutting service that can operate on a wide range of materials ...
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Arc/Resistant Welding

Through our manual operation process, Kessab Steel can weld a variety of materials such as stainl...
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Welcome to Kessab Steel L.L.C.

Kessab Steel LLC is a diversified metal fabrication company based in UAE. Our two facilities with over 75,000 square feet of manufacturing, located in Sharjah, can accommodate clients anywhere in the UAE and the region. Our facilities bring you the most advanced metal processing services available. We exceed customer expectations by designing our services to suit their individual needs.

Our extensive in-house inventory of state-of-the-art computerized manufacturing equipment along with metal processing and repair services, makes us your one-stop-shop for metal fabrication and steel manufacturing.

To learn more regarding what Kessab Steel can do for you, or to request case studies, contact us today. We can be an efficient extension of your team by providing you the highest quality at a fair price. Request a quote for any of our metal processing services and capabilities. We look forward to working with you!

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Contact Us

P.O Box 22305, Sharjah
United Arab Emirates
Tel : +971 6 5433869
Fax : +971 6 5420688
E-mail : kessab@emirates.net.ae

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